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Ice Maker Replacement

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Ice Maker Replacement | Broward County, FL | M&MG Appliance Repair

If not all, most refrigerators are sold with ice makers today. Ice makers are very important part in refrigerators, but are also/probably the number part in refrigerators that malfunction or break. You yourself can perform some simple troubleshooting and repairs so to save some money, but, if neither you nor a technician can repair it, you should consider an ice maker replacement.

Even though ice makers tend to be the one of the common problems in refrigerators, they probably are simple to diagnose, repair, or replace. Ice makers are usually inexpensive.

Common issues with ice makers:

- The ice maker is not making ice.

- The ice maker is not ejecting the ice cubes (mechanical or electrical problems).

- The ice cubes are smaller or bigger than normal.

About ice makers: An Ice maker is a small independent appliance inside the refrigerator. It draws water, turns it into ice cubes, it twists/heats the cubes to release them from the mold it is in, and then transfers the cubes to a container.

Ice Maker Replacement | Broward County, FL | M&MG Appliance Repair

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